Sunday Jan 30th 14h30-16h30

Yin Masterclass: Winter Special (en anglais)

Winter is considered the most yin of all seasons, the energy tends to be dark, slow and inward. We observe this in nature as plants and trees lie dormant and animals hibernate to replenish their energy and rest. We too may feel physically stagnant and gravitate towards retreating. In Chinese Medicine winter relates to the water element and manifests in our body through the kidney and urinary bladder meridians, storehouses of vital energy that need to remain balanced for all the other organs to function well. While our tendency may be to hide under a blanket until spring arrives, our yin yoga practice can replenish and revitalize the body and help us move through winter with ease, finding harmony within this cold, dry season.

Delve into a delicious wintery 2-hour workshop with Yasmina to stimulate chi (energy) in your body and move from stagnation to vibrancy and vitality on the inside. We will practice conscious breathing (pranayama), self-massage, yin postures, and much more. By the end of the workshop you will feel deeply nourished, restored, and inspired. This workshop will explore ways to keep the body active and resilient, resulting in vibrant health and higher energy levels.

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