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Self Care, Detox, Rejuvenate.

Take a break, relax and dive deeper into your yoga practice. Meet new people, explore your body, soothe your mind.

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Retreats with The Space

Where and when?

From wooden cabins in the forest of Versailles, to cottages on the beach in Morocco, we make sure all our locations are comfortable, affordable and easy to access! We offer several retreats each year, ranging from a short relaxing weekend to a full week of adventure.

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. You won’t find retreats in Bali, or New Zealand, but rather places closer to home.

Retreats with The Space

What and who?

Our retreats are open to everyone! Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels.
Our retreats are designed to help you leave stress of your daily life in order to relax and give you time to connect to your practice in a quiet environment or maybe trying something new, like surfing!

You’ll always find yoga classes, delicious food, free time and nice people 🙂

Retreats with The Space


We want our prices to reflect our ethics – not everyone can afford to spend thousands for a Yoga weekend. We hope to remain as authentic as possible to our values: to offer you a moment away from stress, work and chores, with amazing, healthy and fresh food; a beautiful setting and a down-to-earth but liberating yoga practice.

Although we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, we don’t expect you to camp in a field either! Our spots are clean, warm and comfortable!

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Saturday, Nov 6th, starting price €50

5 DAY YOGA and
Dates to come, starting price €520

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