Samedi 1er Janvier 16h-17h30

Yin & Yum (en anglais)

2022 is here!
You may be feeling a little tired, but at the same time, you know that Yoga always makes you feel better…come and join us for a 90min Yin a Yum New Year’s event!
Why Yin & Yum?
Well because, we all need some Yin after the craziness of the holidays, and because to truly live a happy and full life, we need balance, we need to enjoy ourselves and nourish and feed our senses – food is a pleasure we can all take part in!

You will enjoy a slow-paced, candle-lit Yin session with a chilled playlist, Yoga Nidra and a little massage.
Then we’ll get out the picnic blanket and share some homemade cakes and teas.

Everyone is welcome, mats, props and food are provided, you just need to bring some warm socks and relax!
Come by yourself and pay 35€ or pull a friend out of bed and you’ll both pay 30€

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