Saturday December 17th 14h-16h30


Yummy Mummy Reset

Join Louise for our first ever event dedicated solely to mothers of young children and babies!

Louise created this event to give young mothers a quiet moment, a pause in their weekend where they get to think about themselves…and nothing else.

We we’ll get up to:
– Gentle Yoga to release tension in the arms, shoulders and back.
– Rest deeply in a guided and restorative Yoga Nidra practice.
– Enjoy moments of Pranayama -to remind us that our breath gives us energy and allows us to find our inner calm.
– Drink hot tea (yes, that’s not cold and 2 hours old, but hot and steaming tea!) and nibble on energy boosting snacks

There will be time for laughter, chatting, complaining, supporting, breast-pumping and everything else that needs to be experienced!

The event it open to all mothers of young children and babies who need a reminder to look after themselves. Despite it sometimes being challenging to get away, children and babies are not invited – this is mama’s time – and you so deserve it!

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