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Participate in the community spirit of The Space, and make it even more YOUR Space by sharing some of your free time in exchange for free Yoga!

A path to enlightenment: Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is one of the four classical schools of yoga alongside Jnana (knowledge or self-study), Bhakti (devotion) and Raja (meditation), each offering a path to moksha (spiritual liberation) and self-realization.

Derived from the Sanskrit term for “action”, karma is action, work, or deed, and its effect or consequences. In yoga, karma is known as the path of action, or selfless service towards others.

Karma yoga is considered to be one of the most practical and effective means of spiritual development.

Participating in our ambassador program means: community, service, karma, and FREE YOGA

An Ambassador at The Space

  • 4 hours of your time per week
  • A minimum commitment of 3 months
  • Providing help with something you are great at
  • On time and dedicated
  • Free Yoga for the duration of your commitment
  • A chance to be part of our exceptional team!

A real cocoon in the heart of Paris for your yoga practice…

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