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Meet our team of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated teachers! 🙂

Our teachers teach as much as possible in their native language, providing more fluidity and depth to their classes.

Teacher & Founder

Louise Cutler

Louise a commencé à pratiquer le yoga avec sa maman quand elle avait environ 17 ans. Elle s'est rapidement intéressée à l'anatomie, à l'Ayurveda, au massage et son intérêt pour le bien-être a continué de croître au fil des ans.

Louise started practicing yoga with her mom when she was about 17. She quickly became interested in anatomy, Ayurveda, massage and her interest in well-being continued to grow over the years. Louise trained to become a yoga teacher in 2013 and continued her studies in Yin, Restorative, Trauma-informed, Pre and Post Natal Yoga in the following years. She is also an experienced massage therapist and Doula.

She conducts several yoga teacher trainings each year, ranging from 85 hours of Pre and Post Natal Yoga to 200 hours of Vinyasa and Yin classes. Her trainings are deep, creative and inspiring.

In 2019, she and Maxime opened The Space!


Marie Bouic

Marie est une professeur de yoga sud-africaine et française, qui vit à Paris depuis 12 ans. Elle est grande fan de champagne, de longs savasanas, de massages et de création de playlists pour elle et les autres.

Marie is a South African and French yoga teacher who has lived in Paris for 12 years. She is a big fan of champagne, long savasanas, massages and creating playlists for herself and others.

She has been teaching yoga since November 2017 and has a 200h degree in Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga from Modern Teacher Training and 100h in Yin Yoga and Pranayama, 40 hour Massage and 300 hour Advanced Yoga Training (with Restorative Yoga) from The Space Academy.

She is very interested in tailor-made classes, depending on the needs of her students and their possible injuries.


Ali Krasner

Ali est une professeure de yoga américaine de 200 heures basée à Paris, spécialisée dans les styles de vinyasa et de yin.

Ali is a 200-hour American yoga teacher based in Paris, specializing in vinyasa and yin styles.

To start with, Ali discovered Yoga thanks to her acting on stage - it was used in warm up exercises and as a way to reconnect before performing - she quickly became hooked. Ali's classes combine the flow of vinyasa (to release what no longer serves us and energize the body) with introspective meditation, offering students the best of both worlds.

Ali is passionate about meditation, and an advocate of promoting the mind-body connection. She defines meaingful intentions for her classes and includes long savasanas. She strives to create a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere in the classroom so that wherever students are in their practice, they feel welcome. Students will develop their physical and mental strength and leave class feeling fresh and reconnected.


Kira Carrigan

Kira est Australienne est s'est installée en France depuis 2 ans. Ses passions: le Yoga, l'escalade, et la cuisine. Elle se forme chez The Space Academy depuis 2019.

Kira is our resident Australian who's been in Paris for over 3 years. Her passions: Yoga, rock climbing, forest bathing and cookin/nutrition. She started training herself with The Space Academy in 2019. She teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Pre/postnatal Yoga. In 2022 she completed her 300 hour advanced Yoga training.
He classes are fluid and creative, her playlists dreamy and her energy incredible!

Oranit Boucher

During her classes, Oranit helps you reach your "inner self" and balance you through fluid physical practice while being fully aware of your body.

Oranit has been a yoga teacher since 2013. In 2012, she completed a 200 hour training to become a Vinyasa Yoga teacher at the Wingate Institute. Since then, she has been teaching Vinyasa between Tel Aviv and Paris, where she moved in 2016. She followed a second training of 200 hours in 2018 (Yoga Alliance RYT) and a training to teach pre and postnatal Yoga of 85 hours in 2020 in Paris.
Oranit also has a passion for natural medicine, which is why in 2013 she completed her studies in Ayurveda in Israel and India with the IAA (International Academy of Ayurveda in Pune, India) led by Dr. Sunanda Ranade. During her classes, Oranit helps you reach your "inner self" and balance you through fluid physical practice while being fully aware of your body.
In her private life, Oranit is passionate about travel, street-art, music and gastronomy, passions she shares with her partner and their little boys... but also with her family and friends for whom she loves to cook and try new recipes.
One last thing to know about Oranit? She is crazy about Bollywood music and dance, so come to her classes to get a taste of it.
Oranit also teaches:
Shiromassage workshop (head massage based on Ayurveda massage), Bollyoga workshop (combination of Bollywood dance and Yoga), Bollywood Fitness class, Yoga and Ayurveda workshop, Pre and postnatal Yoga, Yoga for mom and baby. She is also a massage therapist for women (integrative, Ayurvedic and prenatal massage).

Romain Duguet

À Paris depuis plus de 10 ans, Romain cherche à s’échapper du tumulte de la ville. En quête de sérénité, il se retrouve en Inde pour la première fois et c’est un véritable coup de foudre.

In Paris for more than 10 years, Romain has been trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In search of serenity, he finds himself in India for the first time and it is a real love at first sight, he discovers an extraordinary world for which he takes passion.

On his return, he decided to take a yoga class, then two, then three... until he finds no alternative but to train to deepen his practice with a 200h YTT. With a diploma in his pocket, he goes to India for the umpteenth time to practice meditation with a Vipassana, he feels it is time for him to share this way of life.

Come sweat, ventilate your head by finishing upside down, feet in the air and regain balance to emerge from his classes soothed and ready to face life!


Oriane Douet

Oriane commence sa carrière professionnelle dans le marketing où elle travaille pour de grandes entreprises.

Oriane began her professional career in marketing where she worked for large companies.

At the same time, she began to practice yoga, which allowed her to recharge her batteries in a stressful environment. It is during an expatriation in Shanghai that the click occurs. The physical and mental benefits that yoga provides are immense, and the desire to pass them on in turn is felt.

Oriane trained first in yoga in China, completed her training in India and then in Paris in prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her classes are dynamic, while respecting the body and its limitations. She encourages her students to connect to the present moment through the focus on breathing and body movements.


Tina Piters

Tina s’est d’abord formée au Yinyasa/Vinyasa Yoga afin d’approfondir sa pratique personnelle mais elle a rapidement pris goût à transmettre le Yoga.

Tina first trained in Yinyasa/Vinyasa Yoga to deepen her personal practice but quickly developed a taste for transmitting Yoga.

In her personal and professional career she questioned the place of the Feminine in Yoga and trained in Women's Yoga and Fertility Yoga.

She conveys the teachings she has received kindly in her classes. Positive and gentle, Tina likes to accompany women with yoga practice and speech tailored to their cycle and bodies, as well as guide mixed classes around different themes. In her personal and professional journey she wondered about the place of the Feminine in Yoga and trained in Women's Yoga and Fertility Yoga.


Victoria Soulier

Après 2 ans d’études en Ayurveda, Victoria est aujourd’hui également professeur de Yin Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga. En mixant ses différentes connaissances du corps physique & mental Victoria propose des cours pour s’explorer, se découvrir et surtout se reconnecter à soi-même.

A big fan of travel & discovery, Victoria worked for 6 years in communication in the hotel industry. And for the past few years, she has been helping people travel inwards, through their bodies. After 2 years studying Ayurveda, Victoria is now a Yin, Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga teacher. By mixing her various interests and knowledge about the physical and mental bodies, Victoria offers classes where you can explore, discover, and more importantly reconnect with yourself. For Victoria, Yoga is more than postures and you'll discover this with her - encouraging you to get to know yourself better and make the most of life - simply.

Positive and gentle, her practices include breathing exercises, posture work and relaxation in order to build strength, balance, flexibility and physical and mental relaxation.


Annsonia Baudelot

J'ai initialement choisi le yoga pour ce qu'il pouvait m'apporter physiquement : force, souplesse, équilibre - mais cela a vité changé. Les rencontres avec mes professeurs ont apporté de la profondeur à ma pratique, et surtout ont fait grandir en moi l'amour pour le yoga.

Yoga came into my life at the age of 13, after years of competing in sports of all kinds. I initially chose yoga for what it could give me physically: strength, flexibility, balance - but that soon changed. Lessons with my teachers have brought depth to my practice, and above all have made my love for yoga grow in me. After completing a 500 hour training at Modo International, I continued my learning, mainly in Vinyasa and sequencing. During these last 8 years I have been able to develop my knowledge to allow me to create and lead courses and retreats internationally. My classes reflect my duality: my origins (Halifax, Canada) and the place I now call home, Paris.

Alice Dunoyer

Alice found a regular yoga practice in her late 20s and, as a lifestyle, it gave her the tools to navigate through anxiety and emotions and connect with herself at a deep level.

Alice found a regular yoga practice in her late 20s and, as a lifestyle, it gave her the tools to navigate through anxiety and emotions and connect with herself at a deep level.

She decided to qualify as a yoga teacher to share this invaluable knowledge and completed her 200h Vinyasa training in London. Later on, she graduated in Pranayama and Breathwork, and is now currently training in Restorative yoga.

Influenced by her past challenges with PTSD, she aims to promote healing, confidence and self-appreciation to her students through movement and breath.


Benjamin Hart

Benjamin est un ardent défenseur de la joie. En tant que formateur européen senior pour Rainbow Kids Yoga, il utilise le jeu co-créatif pour initier les enfants et les parents à la magie des activités sensorielles et des interactions conscientes.

Benjamin is a strong advocate for joy. As a senior European trainer for Rainbow Kids Yoga, he uses co-creative play to introduce children and parents to the magic of sensory activities and conscious interactions.

As a modern urban shaman, Benjamin explores world-inspired meditation techniques for public and private practices. As the creator and choreographer of YogaDance, a dynamic fusion of Vinyasa sequencing and powerfully positive music, he teaches the beautiful balance of having fun while honoring the power of the present moment.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Benjamin lived, taught and practiced in Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona before finding love in Paris, where he offers a full range of yoga practices for the spectrum of ages and abilities.


Magali Jijivisha

Magali se plonge dans le yoga et la méditation suite à un burn out émotionnel. Cette pratique devient un vrai support thérapeutique qui lui permet de se reconnecter à son corps et de guérir, à la fois sur le plan physique, psychique et émotionnel.

Magali immerses herself in yoga and meditation following an emotional burnout. This practice becomes a true therapeutic medium that allows her to reconnect with her body and heal, both physically, psychologically and emotionally.

It is only natural that Yoga is a new way of working. Today, she wishes to pass on with kindness all the joy and magic that Yoga has brought her, with the will to put Humans back at the heart of all her projects.

It is with Gérard Arnaud that she trained at Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga in 2015/2016 (certification Yoga Alliance RYT 500H). She then deepened her exploration with Amanda Dates by taking her English course "Expansion, Freedom and VoiceTM" in 2018/2019 (200H).

She began specializing in Trauma-informed Yoga at the Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) in Berlin in November 2019 and also trained at Prenatal Yoga with Sharon Bales in December 2019. What fascinates her in this discipline is the opportunity to stay up for the rest of her life!


Yasmina Schoueri

Yasmina est très passionnée par le corps et la façon dont il bouge, et intègre davantage une pratique de mouvement fonctionnel dans ses flows, le rendant accessible à tous les niveaux, formes et tailles, et le gardant ludique et agréable.

Whilst living in Canada in 2012, Yasmina started following classes simply for the physical practice. It didn't take her long to feel other benefits; she felt more present, calmer, more patient and started to better understand her body. In 2018, she trained in Vinyasa and Hatha (200 hrs) which only gave her more drive to learn. She continued training in Yin, Pre/postnatal and Shamanic Yin. More recently she trained in Mudras and in Massage. Her classes are open to every level, shape and size! She's passionate about the body and how it can move and so she integrates functional movement in her flows.

Toki Kumekbayeva

Toki est coach et professeure de Yoga avec la mission daider les gnes à trouver de la joie de vivre. Pour elle c'esr important d'apprendre d'une manière holistique les nouvelles choses, et aime faciliter ceci pour ces élèves.

Toki is a life coach and Yoga teacher with the missions to help people find more joy in their lives. Originally from Kazakhstan, Toki followed her passion to help people find more physical and mental well-being when she left her office job and started a new career that suited her. Ever since, she encourages people to find and follow their goal, whilst maintaining a healthy life balance and enjoying self-care practices. Toki is a strong believer in holistic learning and loves initiating people into new practices.

Madelaine Van Der Heyden

Madelaine has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and loves to use her mat as a space for joyful movement, self-compassion, and mind-body connection. She is passionate about sharing the philosophy of yoga with her community to invite others to fully experience the magic of this ancient practice.

From sunny California, Madelaine has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and loves to use her mat as a space for joyful movement, self-compassion, and mind-body connection. She is passionate about sharing the philosophy of yoga with her community to invite others to fully experience the magic of this ancient practice. Her classes offer a wholesome, gentle blend of asana, breathwork, and mindfulness, and are open to yogis of all backgrounds and experiences.

Madelaine has studied classical yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and modern postural yoga in India, France, and the United States, and completed her yoga teacher training at The Space.

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