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Discover The Space Academy

We offer yoga teacher trainings in various styles. Each training was carefully designed by Louise Cutler, an experienced yoga teacher and founder of The Space.

Most of our courses are held in English – with Frenhc discussions. Louise and her team all speak fluent French. Depending on the course, the manual may be available in French.

Why choose our trainings?

Our school is registered with Yoga Alliance International. As a certified teacher from The Space Academy you can:<br>
- work worldwide<br>
- easily obtain your professional work insurance<br>
- work in different structures (studios, gyms, hotels, businesses), or, for yourself.

Each training has its specialist training team, they are all experts in their field and passionate about sharing their knowledge. Discover on this page how we can help you deepen your experience and practice as a student and reach your potential as a teacher, to inspire you to continue your love affair with Yoga.</p>
<p>Our training school is a registered training school in France!


in our trainings

We believe "intention" plays an essential rol, not only in the teaching of Yoga, but in our daily lives. What's your intention behind wanting to teach Yoga? How does your intention inspire your practice, your actions and decisions?


in our trainings

The universe is the ultimate expression of "creativity." With or without knowledge, we create the world around us. Living, practicing and teaching aligns us creatively with the universe. It's creativity that will guide you to teach, practice and live outside the box!


in our trainings

It's vital to feel whole. We see "integrity" as consistency, honesty, moral fiber, being true to oneself, our desires and needs. By honouring and accepting the universal need for integrity, we remain authentic.

Our trainings

It's important to us to have small groups on our courses. You'll never see more than 12 people in our trainings, this allows each participant the time and space to express themselves, to be heard, and to get to know everyone else on the course! The small number of participants, keeps our courses intimate and our training team will be able to really get to know you as an individual and adapt their teaching to fit your needs.

Prenatal Yoga Training
April 19th - 21st 2024
Yin Yoga Training
May 6th - 12th 2024
Vinyasa Training
June 28th 2024 - Feb 9th 2025
Restorative Yoga Training Immersion
Sep 26th -29th 2024
Vinyasa Training
October 25th 2024 - June 8th 2025
Yin Yoga Training
December 2nd - 8th 2024
Yoga Nidra Training
Dates coming soon
Yoga & Trauma Training
Dates coming soon
Advanced Yoga Training
Dates coming soon (contact us!)
Yoga Immersion (for students!)
Dates coming soon


We play, we have fun, we learn, and we practice - every weekend! In our opinion, group spirit is just as important as philosophy and anatomy!

Our expert trainers

Our team is made up of expert teachers in various subjects taught on our courses so as to give you the most up-to-date, relevant, and peritnent knowledge out there.

Want to learn more about our payment plans and certification requirements? Here is all the info you need...

Know that many different payment plans are available, don’t hesitate to ask us – you won’t be the first! Please note that payment does not guarantee certification. We do not sell qualifications.

Our school is accredited by Yoga Alliance International (founded in India). During the qualification, students can teach internationally with a world-renowned certificate.

Have a question? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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