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How do I book a class?

Log in to your account and go to our « schedule » and click “Book” to reserve your class. If you do not have enough credits, you will be required to purchase the appropriate credit before you can enroll (either a class pack or drop-in credit).

Where can I buy credits?

You can purchse class credits here, and then reserve your class (which we suggest doing to make sure you have a spot!).
You can purchase class credits at the studio. You’ll need a credit card or cash to do so.

Is my payment card secure on your website?

All card payments and records are hosted by Strip at Bsport, which meets the industry’s highest payment card security standards with Level 1 PCI compliance.

My class was been cancelled or changed, why was I not notified?

When you created your account, if you decided not to receive notifications from us, you will therefore not receive any emails regarding course changes or cancellations. If you want to change this, head over to your account.

What is an account credit? And how to use it?

If you received a refund from us, it will have been transferred to your The Space account (not your bank account).

To use this refund, go to your account and identify yourself with the same identifiers as on our website.
From your account, you will be able to see the amount of account credit and be able to purchase our services.

When you get to on the payment page, just choose “account” as the payment method. If you don’t have enough “account credit” to purchase the service, you can use another payment method (debit/credit card) additionally. If your purchase is less than the “account credit”, the remaining amount will remain in your account until you have used it.

Another option is to log in to your account on our website, book your class on our schedule. If you don’t have enough credits, you’ll be prompted to purchase them. When you get to the payment page, choose “account” as the payment method.

What is the waiting list?

This is a secondary list set up when the class is complete. If and when someone cancels their reservation, the first person on the waiting list will receive an email asking if they would like to join the class.

Can I pay by Chèques Vacances ?

Yes! We accept Chèques Vacances in payment for classes, events, retreats and trainings.

To reserve this way, please email us beforehand at:

We do not give change for chèques vacances.

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