Welcome to The Space: your "space"!

<p>The Space is a community place in the heart of Paris created to deepen your inner journey! Make this space your own space, we are here to guide you, to create and facilitate a deep connection with yourself ...</p>

Who are we and what do we offer?

Come and discover our calm and light space in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. We offer more than 30 yoga classes per week, in various styles, as well as workshops, trainings and retreats…

We offer a wide range of activities aimed at deepening your yoga practice


Nous proposons une grande variété de styles de cours : Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Pré et Post Natal…



Nous organisons régulièrement des ateliers afin de se concentrer sur un thème précis (posture, pratique,…)



Participez à l’une de nos formations pour vous guider dans le séquençage, l’anatomie, l’ajustement, la philosophie et bien plus encore…



Partez avec nous pour vous déconnecter de votre quotidien, et vous reconnecter avec vous-même !

Some info about our studio…

  • 2 practice rooms
  • A space to change and store your belongings
  • A warm welcome and hot tea always available!
  • Books for you to flick through whilst you wait for your class
  • Many different styles of yoga taught each week
  • A team of passionate and creative teachers!

Meet our team of enthusiastic and passionate teachers! 🙂

Teacher and founder

Louise Cutler

Louise a commencé à pratiquer le yoga avec sa maman quand elle avait environ 17 ans. Elle s'est rapidement intéressée à l'anatomie, à l'Ayurveda, au massage et son intérêt pour le bien-être a continué de croître au fil des ans.

Louise started practicing yoga with her mom when she was 17. She quickly became interested in anatomy, Ayurveda, massage and her interest in well-being continued to grow over the years. Louise trained to become a yoga teacher in 2013 and continued her studies in Yin Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Philosophy and more in the following years. She is also an experienced massage therapist and Doula. She conducts several yoga teacher trainings each year, ranging from 25h adjustments, 60h Pre and Post Natal Yoga to 200 hours of Vinyasa and Yin, she has just added a full 300h advanced teacher training to her schedule! Her trainings are profound, creative and inspiring. In 2019, she and Maxime opened The Space!

Marie Bouic

Marie est une professeur de yoga sud-africaine et française, qui vit à Paris depuis 12 ans. Elle est grande fan de champagne, de longs savasanas, de massages et de création de playlists pour elle et les autres.

Marie is a South African and French yoga teacher who has lived in Paris for 12 years. She is a big fan of champagne, long savasanas, massages and creating playlists for herself and others. She has been teaching yoga since November 2017 and has a 200h degree in Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga from Modern Teacher Training and 100h in Yin Yoga and Pranayama from The Space Academy. She is very interested in tailor-made classes, depending on the needs of her students and their possible injuries.

Elaine Howley

Elaine a commencé à pratiquer le yoga à l'adolescence dans sa ville natale en Irlande. Elle est maintenant installée à Paris où elle pratique et enseigne le Vinyasa et le Yin Yoga.

Elaine began practicing yoga as a teenager in her hometown of Ireland. She is now based in Paris where she practices and teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. As a multidisciplinary dancer, she enjoys exploring movement, developing sequences and finding harmony between body and mind. Elaine likes to create fluidity in her classes, focusing on the body to create sequences forming a graceful but energetic flow that develops strength, balance and concentration. Her classes are unique, spontaneous and full of personality. Elaine enjoys interacting and having fun when teaching - whether it's a dynamic flow or a soothing yin session, her welcoming and outgoing personality will always put her students at ease. Students will leave the class feeling happy, refreshed and full of energy!

Romain Duguet

À Paris depuis plus de 10 ans, Romain cherche à s’échapper du tumulte de la ville. En quête de sérénité, il se retrouve en Inde pour la première fois et c’est un véritable coup de foudre.

In Paris for more than 10 years, Romain has been trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In search of serenity, he found himself in India for the first time and he fell in love with the country! On his return, he decided to take a yoga class, then another, then another... until he found no alternative but to train to deepen his practice with a 200h YTT. With a diploma in hand, he went to India for the umpteenth time to practice Vipassana meditation. He now feels it is time for him to share this way of life. Come sweat, turn yourself upside down, feet in the air and regain balance to emerge from his classes soothed and ready to face life!

Benjamin Hart

Benjamin est un ardent défenseur de la joie. En tant que formateur européen senior pour Rainbow Kids Yoga, il utilise le jeu co-créatif pour initier les enfants et les parents à la magie des activités sensorielles et des interactions conscientes.

Benjamin is a strong advocate for joy. As a senior European trainer for Rainbow Kids Yoga, he uses co-creative play to introduce children and parents to the magic of sensory activities and conscious interactions. As a modern urban shaman, Benjamin explores world-inspired meditation techniques for public and private practices. As the creator and choreographer of YogaDance, a dynamic fusion of Vinyasa sequencing and powerfully positive music, he teaches the beautiful balance of having fun while honoring the power of the present moment. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Benjamin lived, taught and practiced in Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona before finding love in Paris, where he offers a full range of yoga practices for the spectrum of ages and abilities.

Oranit Boucher

Oranit est professeur de yoga depuis 2013. Elle a suivi une formation de professeur de 200h de yoga vinyasa du Wingate Institute en 2012 et depuis, elle enseigne le vinyasa entre Tel Aviv et Paris où elle a déménagé en 2016.

Oranit has been a yoga teacher since 2013. She trained as a 200-hour professor of vinyasa yoga at the Wingate Institute in 2012 and has since taught vinyasa between Tel Aviv and Paris, where she moved in 2016. She completed yoga teacher Yoga Alliance RYT 200h in 2018 and 85h pre and post-natal teacher training in 2020 with Louise Cutler (The Space Academy). Oranit has a passion for natural medicine and in 2013 she completed her studies in Ayurveda in Israel and India with the IAA (International Academy of Ayurveda in Pune, India) led by Dr. Sunanda Ranade. In her classes, you will reach your inner self and find balance through conscious movement. One last thing to add: Oranit is crazy about Bollywood music and dance, which you might get a taste of during her classes.

A real cocoon in the heart of Paris for your yoga practice…

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